SOBO @ Sound Forms


Table and lamp

Progressing from their work in the Mapping the Body Through Sound research group, Elise Brewer and Sanna Blennow showcased Score|Boxes at the Sound Forms Symposium.

“How do we explore what a sounding body is and what it can (be)come? What would it be like if we lived in a reality ruled by an auditive logic?

We’ve been diving inside and zooming in on the human body with it’s sounding possibilities. We’ve been working somatically and experientially with scores and exercises.

For Sound Form symposium, we produced Score|Boxes – a participatory installation with proposals for exploring your own sounding body. By “doing the thinking” and acknowledging knowledge as something we practice, share and create together, Score|Boxes is a growing and living archive.

Brewer & Blennow’s collaboration will continue to develop methods and practices on how to explore the sounding body. Next stop is a residency supported by The Swedish Arts Grants Committee in collaboration with UferStudios in Berlin.”

Metopia Deep (Signal)

Metopia Deep (Signal) by Eva Sjuve, is an interface to sense signals from WiFi and mobile phones in our environment, signals invisible to our visible perception. The signals are sensed through a sound composition of utterances in rhythmic patterns from the voice of Nuria Divi (NYC), using sonification techniques and machine learning to activate the listener to explore their environment.

Thingumajig 0058

Thingumajig 0058 was a work in progress by Katja Serber, kick-started by her involvement in the Hidden Sounds research group, and showcased at Sound Forms Symposium.

“Sounding exercise:
A microphone is placed into the fermenting soil. A zoom-recorder is recording the sound from the microphone. You can listen to this in the earphones.

About the soil:
The soil is from occult and historical places in Copenhagen. These places are political, cultural, religious, scientific and ecologic, for example courts, prison, execution, burning, church and university places. In this way it includes the history in the present for trying to transform, predict and heal for the future. If any soil, sand, dust or similar was not found at these places, small scratches of stones, wood, bones and what else can be find at these places were taken. These materials were then being crushed into a kind of soil and mixed with backyard soil. The soil is moistened by body fluids (so far tears (and rainwater)) with the effect of digestion and fermentation. In the future, air will be let into the soil and something will grow.

Research recordings:
In the research process recordings has been made at the places where the soil has been taken. Both with a zoom-microphone and with the Tesla Spirit Antenna (can be seen at the table next to this) made in Sounding Bodies Research Group . Recordings has also been made through the microphone in the Thingumajig 0058 among other in the Anechoic Chamber of Technical University of Denmark.”

Hidden Sounds Group Exhibit

The Hidden Sounds research group showcased some of their work at Sound Forms. This included their homemade electronic equipment, including the Tesla Spirit Radio and large croquet mallet antenna, and smaller paper antennae.