Scores and Exercises

Scores and Exercises

An important component of our research is the continued engagement and invention of scores and exercises (or recipes, as Pauline Oliveros may have referred to them) for listening and perceiving sound in different ways using different faculties, different senses. Here is an archive of the perceptual and listening scores within the project. The scores are used to explore perception of sound and resonance within the body in improvisational, interactional and multi-sensorial dimensions. In addition to drawing from scores for listening created by others such as Pauline Oliveros, we are engaged in creating our own and hope to share these with a wider audience. These scores are a tool for embodied experiencing of sound and reverberation.

Scores used in Sounding Bodies Research

Score for Sounding Bodies 01 (PDF), inspired by Lygia Clark

Oraclestra, created by Jenny Gräf Sheppard

Sound Exquisite Corpse and other scores, created by Victor Vidal

The Blind Samurai, inspired by Catherine Alexander

Sound Walk Walk, created by Maile Colbert and Ana Monteiro

Sonic Meditations, by Pauline Oliveros

Paper Concerto, by Bici Forbes (from Womens Work publication, 1975)

Echolocation Exercise for Cisternerne, created for SOBO group