Reading List

Reading List

Below is a sample of readings for the Sounding Bodies Research Group.

Pauline Oliveros. Sonic Meditations

R. Murray Schafer. The soundscape: our sonic environment and the tuning of the world.

Michael Chion. “The Three Listening Modes”. In The Sound Studies Reader , edited by Jonathan Sterne.

Barry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Salter. “Ancient Acoustic Spaces”. In The Sound Studies Reader, edited by Jonathan Sterne.

Seth Horowitz.  The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes The Mind.

Daphne Oram.  An Individual Note of Music, Sound and Electronics.

Seth S. Horowitz, PhD. The Universal Sense: How Hearing Shapes the Mind

Steve Goodman. Sonic Warfare 

Holger Schulze. The Sonic Persona: An Anthropology of Sound

Douglas Kahn, Earth Sound Earth Signal