Members of the Study Group


SOBO MembersResearch InterestsContact
Adam VengAnthropology student, shared eco-system of human beings and pigs.
Interest in creating a space for subjects to ethically reflect and
evaluate themselves within anthropogenic eco systems.
Alessio CastellacciComposer for dance projects, and as a voice & movement
Andreas OxenvadSound Artist/Musician
Sound Healing (Peter Hess Inst.) and damaging potential of vibration.Exploring inaudible vibration. Ongoing artistic research “Boar Exposure
Program”, a quadruple exposure involving humans and boars.
Ayako KataokaJapanese intermedia artist, working in sound, movement, and
Daniel Mølholt BülowPerformance/Sound Artist, Deep Base, interested in how sound shapes and structures the conditions in which we perceive visual art, and "reality"
Elise BrewerDance Performance
Incorporating Phenomenology of Sound into works
Former project- Body and Sound: An encounter with a plastic bag
Influenced by Salomé Voegelin, 2010, Listening to noise and silence: Towards a philosophy of sound art.
Questions: what a vibrating body
can be and the potential within it? Who gets to vibrate? What kinds of bodies are sounding bodies? How does sound control and discipline bodies? What does it mean to be off sync?
Eva SjuveSound artist/developer/researcher
(movement, breath, relation body-environment, body-electricity)
exchange and health
background in dance (butoh, modern, folk)
(Maja Fjord Madsen
and Thilde Fjord)
Collaborating duo-Artist and Musician
Interest to explore and develop new ways to work with sounds from and in relation to bodies, skin and body
Freja KreutzfeldtCircus Artist, Tight Wire (Centre de les Arts del Circ Rogelio
Sound in relation to Tight Wire
Voice, Singing and Human Beatbox
Interested in vibration as information, and heartbeat in performance
Hannah Thea FoxPsykomotorik therapist, musician, Sound and
Isabella MartinArtist. Interests are Entrainment, Acoustic Ecology
Collaborating with PHD scientists studying ocean waves in the
Mechanical Engineering department at DTU currently exploring how to bring together my embodied knowledge of waves (as a surfer) and my comprehension of them as representation of a process (as an artist) with the conversations with the scientists and their experiments and recreation of ocean conditions in the laboratory.
Jenny Gräf SheppardSound and Reciprocity, Improvisation, Acoustic Ecology, Sound as
information, Embodied knowledge and potential for sound to transmit non-verbal information between beings and entities.
Katja SerberArtist, Interested in using sound in an installation setting.
Katrine FaberActress, singer, voice performer, composer, storyteller, theatre director, voice teacher and psychotherapist. Singing Our Place Project.
Connecting with environment via human voice, music from body
Kirstine LindemannMusician/physical performer.
I’m interested in the body and the movement as 1) a musical instrument and 2) a way to connect with the surrounding world
I’m very curious about how the principle of mirror neurons translate into a live performance situation. The approach of Merleau-Ponty and the work with the Alexander Technique are important influences on my work.
Maria BraenderInter-disciplinary environmental (performance) artist.
Experimenting with the liminal space where art and science meet.
Exploring eco-criticism, human/non-human relationships and multi-sensory experiences.
Martin Christoffer
Experiences as recorded in language, multi-tongued
Mathias Riis AndersenSound Artist, sound as a form of communication, researching how plants react to different stimulations, like touch, air, humidity, light and sound. Open to group
Nanna Hauge
Anthropologist and freelance radio producer
Silences, bodies, gestures and space
Studying death as bodily dissipation
Rafael Cañete
Sound, hearing, embodiment and the relation between our bodies and the environment through
Sanna BlennowExpanded choreography
Low frequencies and the impact on the human body
Sound as touch, sound as movement, sound as healing and an
expanded understanding of Being.
Stephen McEvoyA recording and installation artist working with sound. Runs the label FLUF and is part of the label CO-DEPENDENT. Records under the name tuuun. KEYWORDS: techno / rave / noise / tinnitus /

Vibe ScharffSound/Voice
(and Corpus Silversmith)
“Boar Exposure Program”
Victor VidalVisual Poetry, and now interested in Sound Poetry, interested in
collective work. Julia Kristeva has written of literary practice as being 'the exploration and discovery of the possibilities of language as an activity, which frees man from given linguistic networks'. Sound Poetry is best described as what sound poets do ('it's a new way to blow out candles'); it thus takes its place in the larger struggle against all forms of preconditioning.
Yujin JungSound installation/ sculpture.
Interested in quality of sound, ecology of sound, soundscape