Microbial Stomach Growl

Microbial Stomach Growl: A Voice Performance

Katrine Faber & Maria Braender

Microbial Stomach Growl has emanated from the Sounding Bodies’ TOUCH research group as a response to an open call by Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology. Katrine Faber and Maria Braender are both performance practitioners and voice performers and have devised the piece collaboratively.

Microbial Stomach Growl is a speculative sci-fi fantasy derived from research into microbial gut data. The voice performance is partly inspired by Computational Biologist Peter E. Larsen who has studied methods to compose microbial music. Microbial Stomach Growl questions what we could learn from out gut’s delicate eco-system. Could listening to the microbes inside of us made us more environmentally aware? And are microbes feminists?

Brandon Labelle’s Sonic Agency has been an inspirational starting point for this project, he questions:

What might the opacities and vibrancies, the multiplicity of global entanglement and its soundings, suggest or enable in terms of contemporary struggle? Can one craft a means of empowerment by way of sonic thought, a listening from below, in order to nurture the power of the unseen or the not-yet-apparent? Might sound be deployed as a weapon by way of particular tonalities and collective vibrations, a listening activism, and the force of volume, to support a culture of radical care and compassion?1

Maria and Katrine propose a poetive performative session of Microbial Stomach Growl with a focus on Fermenting (feminist?) Voices… Singing for power and connectivity and hereby rendering the underheard heard!

if you want to experience Microbial Stomach Growl it is part of the Fermenting Feminism event:

fermenting feminism

(Hunter’s Moon)

24 – 25 October, 2018

The Medical Museion

& The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts



1Labelle, Brandon, 2018, Sonic Agency, Goldsmiths Press, University of London