Mapping the Body Through Sound

Mapping the Body Through Sound

Elise Brewer & Sanna Blennow

What is a sounding body and what can it (be)come?
How can we examine and explore this sounding body?
What would it be like if we lived in a reality ruled by an auditive logic?

By listening we enter an expanded understanding of our vibrating surroundings and ourselves. This constantly shifting, sensible relational state, allows for ruptures in our language, thoughts, body. We become a listening body – emancipated from the world as we know it.

We’ve been diving inside and zooming in on the human body with it’s sounding potentiality. By working somatically and experientially with scores and exercises, we’ve taken our first steps towards building our joint practice. The Sounding Bodies Research Project has been the starting point for Brewer & Blennow’s collaboration.

For Sound Forms symposium, we’ve produced Score|Boxes. The idea behind Score|Boxes is to activate people and let them explore their own sounding body. The structure is simple in order for it to be accessible and for creative discussions to take place. It builds upon the idea of “doing the thinking” and knowledge as something we practice, share and create together.