The project researches the breath as a conceptual crosslink between sound and movement.

Through shorter research periods spread over the course of two years dummykopf explores different aspects of the breath and creates performances based on the material generated in the period.

Conceptually the work focuses on the body as a sound source. With sound design and live performance we explore how the sonic set-up and the physicality of the performers can impact an audience. We intend to create pieces that engage the audience physically, sonically and emotionally.

Among the questions we’ve been exploring are:
How does the breath sound and look?
What does it mean to hear the breath of ourselves and others?
How do we connect through the breath?
Can we share the breath in a performance situation?

dummykopf: Kirstine Lindemann & Lasse Munk
Consultant: Louise Marie Skaaning and Nanna Hauge Kristensen
The research is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.