Research Topics

Research Topics

Sounding Bodies artistic research takes place throughout 2018 in the form of courses, workshops, visiting lectures, exercises and in creative work. In addition the Sounding Bodies Research Group researches specific topics. Research outcomes will be shared via this website and other platforms.

Katrine Faber, Maria Brænder, Kirstine Lindemann, Nannah Hauge, Alessio Castellacci

Mapping the Body Through Sound
Elise Brewer, Sanna Blennow

Hidden Sounds
Stephen McEvoy, Andreas Oxenvad, Nannah Hauge, Katja Serber, Jenny Gräf, Eva Sjuve

Sound Impact
Mathias Andersen, Vibe Scharff, Hannah Thea Fox

Sound Poetry in Collective Performance
Victor Vidal


Sensors, Biofeedback and Instrument Building
Freja Kreutzfeldt, Eva Sjuve, Monia Sander

Sounding Bodies Reading Group
Entire SOBO Group